Discussion #3

Discussion #3

Film Discussion

Discussion #3 features filmmaker and anthropologist Dominqiue Santos (University of the Free State) in conversation with filmmaker and scholar Matthias deGroof (University of Antwerp), moderated by Rehana Thembeka Odendaal of the University of Pennsylvania.

Prior to the discussion, all registrants will be sent access information to screen the films Unfixing the Museum by Dominique Santos, and Palimpsest of the Africa Museum by Matthias deGroof.

Dominique Santos

Matthias deGroof

Filmmaker, scholar, teacher, artist. Matthias is trained as a philosopher and holds MA’s in International Relations and Cinema Studies. After his PhD in Cinema Studies on African cinema, he worked on de/postcolonial film theory at the University of

Dr. De Groof held fellowships at the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts; the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies; the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence; and the Waseda University in Tokyo. He is an international lecturer and the author of multiple publications. His writings include an edited book on Lumumba in the Arts which reached the top-100 “books to escape the news”.

Besides, he is regularly invited to talk in non-academic contexts, to curate film programs and to write for Magazines. His filmography, includes “Under The White Mask” (2020) and “Palimpsest of the Africa Museum” (2019).

Rehana Thembeka Odendaal

Rehana Thembeka Odendaal is a joint degree PhD student between the University of Pennsylvania’s Sociology department and the Education, Culture and Society program in the Graduate School of Education.

She is a Fulbright International Fellow from Cape Town, South Africa where she completed her BSocSci and  a MA degree in Historical Studies at the University of Cape Town, with the Archive and Public Culture Initiative.

Rehana’s research historical research interests are the ways that institutions structure particular forms of public discourse, whether this is through memorial spaces or universities.