The Dreams as R-evolution site specific installations at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal Westville campus and at IZIKO South African National Gallery (ISANG) in Cape Town reference our ability to dream as an act of r-evolution or as a provocative act, towards transformation. The SELF is represented primarily as the Feminine through sculptural forms, plant-life and drawings. The notion of SELF or SELFHOOD lies at the heart of a society’s ability to re-shape itself and within it, SPACE (like land and ownership) becomes the center, the stage, the canvas.  



Yourself and an open mind; paper preferably without lines; pens, pencils, anything you prefer to write with; a phone with a working camera and access to WhatsApp. 


This “talkshop,” which masquerades as a workshop/talk space/creative space, will begin with a brief presentation.  Coral will then lead activities designed to encourage participants to play and create in order to situate themselves within the heritage of their own lives and communities. In a disparate world, we must find our truths therefore reclaiming, and where necessary transforming, the SELF and the lost heritages of the world.  

When you register for the event, you will receive a link and we will request your cell phone number, which will be included in a WhatsApp group for the duration of the “talkshop” and will be deleted after the session.  The WhatsApp group will form part of our way of interacting in this virtual space sharing our pieces with each other.  

Please reach out to Deborah Thomas ( with any questions. 

“Decolonize and Chill – We are Still Here” by wiredforlego is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0a