Registration is Open

The international conference “Settler Colonialism, Slavery, and the Problem of Decolonizing Museums” is free, public, and co-presented by the Center for Experimental Ethnography and the Penn Museum. The conference runs from 20-23 October 2021, with limited live evening discussions and events, and virtual attendance at all events. You can currently register for tickets at all conference events, using the buttons below.

The conference will open on Wednesday, 20 October and will run through Saturday.  On Wednesday, we will start with synchronous virtual welcomes from the director of the Penn Museum and the director of the Center for Experimental Ethnography.  These will be followed by our keynote speaker, Laura Van Broekhoven (Director, Pitt Rivers Museum).  Panelist presentations will be pre-recorded (15-20 minutes) and posted to our website, and each of the remaining days we will convene for a synchronous moderated discussion and Q&A (at noon, EST).  Each evening, we will also offer live events specific to the Penn and Philadelphia museum community, and these will also be streamed.

The mural depicted in this photograph is “Decolonize And Chill/We Are Still Here”, a mural artwork by artist and community activist Jaque Fragua from the Pueblo of Jemez, one of the federally recognized tribes in New Mexico, as well as Ishi Glinsky and Shepard Fairey. It is art created out of an on-going decolonizing space and project called Indian Alley, in Los Angeles, CA.” The Photograph “Decolonize and Chill – We are Still Here” is by wiredforlego and licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0